Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rosie the Giant Hedgie and The Hazzards of Catching a Ride to Work!

Well, the standard and cinnamon baby hedgies are gone, and I have no doubt that the little pinto baby will leave us soon...but here sits Rosie. Poor girl!

Perhaps if you hadn't bitten the guy who came to see you. He knew he was coming to see you, and he knew you were a big girl and have been on a DIET! The nerve of him holding you in hands that smelled like taco bell! I'da bitten him too! Twice! Hard!

Moral of the story: If you stop to eat before you visit a hedgie, especially one on a diet, WASH YOUR HANDS!

You should probably wash your hands anyway, but we won't go there...

Please pity Rosie, who has yet to find a forever home:

And if you would like to take a peek at the little pinto baby we still have, you can see her here.

Completely changing the subject...(Ha! You were wondering how heavy hedgies and commuting were related! Now you know: THEY'RE NOT!) hours, which tend to be 9-6, were changed yesterday to 8-5. Since my charming hubby has been driving me to work I got to listen to 20 minutes of 'why did they change your hours? It's so early! Oh God, I don't think my heart has started beating yet!' that led me to believe he fully and completely understood my hours were 8-5, not 9-6.

5pm rolls around, no ride. I have one of those jobs that makes me hot and desperate to go home, so I texted 'where r u?' and recieved the response "ha ha, forgot your hours changed. I'm at home."

Since he had actually phoned in his reply I had to count to 10 before responding "get in the car and start driving." He sounded a bit taken aback, puzzled as to why I would want him to drop what he was doing and move NOW! He did, tho, and apologized, which means he realized on the way there his life might be in danger.

I bought several pairs of new earrings, and said if it happened again I was buying a new watch. Just to make sure, tho, we made a deal that today he would pick me up at 5pm, or not at all. That way maybe, just maybe, by the time I was finished walking home, I'd be too tired to kill him. Probably not, but he'd at least have a running chance. Some people thought this was harsh. All people not sharing a vehicle, I'm sure. The point is moot, tho, for he picked me up on time. Bravo!

Tomorrow my hours change back to 9-6. I have no freaking idea when I'll get home. :)

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  1. Maybe you could program his phone to beep him to go pick you up? I've done that so I don't forget to pick up my children - how time flies when you have time to yourself... :)