Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Holidaze Shopping...Like On The Actual Holiday......


Until very recently I worked for one of the major discount chains in the US. You know, the one that starts with 'W', rhymes with 'Wally World'? Anyways, now that the holidaze are rolling around again, I would like to talk about one of the most confusing customer interactions I would have on holidaze like Thanksgiving and Xmas:

I would be assisting a customer to the best of my ability, and they would give me a sad look and say "It's terrible they make you work on holidays like this. They should let you be home with your family."

Then why are you shopping there? Trust me, if the store didn't make a profit by staying open on the holiday, they would close tighter than...oh...insert something that closes very tightly here. They aren't open to accommodate you, they are there to make a profit. It's because of you we are working there.

I realize not shopping on a holiday takes extra planning, or doing without. To be honest...if you're running out for a turkey on Thanksgiving, you're probably a bit screwed. That goes for cranberry sauce, gravy, sweet potatoes, and foil roasters, too. Also, any Xmas gift you buy at 8pm on Xmas eve is going to be a picked over underdog that no one else wanted, so that extra planning would actually make your holiday nicer. And more thoughtful. I bet your relatives would be happy to spend time with you even if you forgot stuffing, or butter, or the entire freaking meal. Just love your family and be thankful. People keep telling me that's what the day is all about.

The people working in those stores aren't making overtime, or holiday pay, they are just working a rough shift on half-staff with cranky customers. They didn't make you forget the cranberry sauce, and it's not their fault the store sold out. Don't ask them if they'd rather be at home, it's a given. Hopefully they will treat you well and be friendly and courteous, and you will do the same for them, but to be honest....they labeled you as a forgetful poor planner with social issues the second you walked in the door.

What if you really really really need something very important, and must must must get it? Run to your local pharmacy. God bless them, they have a reason to be open. They have things people really really really need, like insulin, heart medication, and tampons. They probably have a turkey and some cranberry sauce, too, but even if they don't, thank them for being open and providing a valuable service. Go back home and enjoy some time with your family.

So...if you feel sorry for the poor people who have to work holidaze, do you best not to frequent the places that make them work. There are places that must stay open, but a big discount store certainly isn't one of them. And if you work in one of those places and resent having to work...don't pick something up on your way home. Vote with your dollar, and realize even employee revenue makes them want to stay open...for longer and longer hours each year.


So, now that I have that out of my system, I hope you all enjoy the season, whether you celebrate the holidaze or not, and even if you forget something very, very, very important at the last minute. Tell my former fellow workers I said hi. :)

Friday, July 30, 2010

So I Suck at Blogging

I suck at title writing, too, because even tho I do suck at blogging, that is not what this particular blog is about. Tho I will toss in that I've embraced sucking at blogging, and have decided I will only blog when something really major or really fun happens.

Well, now that you're fully informed on how comfortable with I am with my inadequacies, here's what this post is REALLY about!

I started a Facebook Fanpage! Yay! If you don't already like me (just like, no real commitment involved. honest) I'd love it if you joined me at Laurel's Zoo on Facebook, and if you already like me...THANK YOU!

But that's only what it's about in a tangential way, what this is REALLY about is I had a contest! I said I'd draw a name at random from the 'likers' when they reached 100, and that lucky person would get a $25 gift certificate for items from Laurel's Zoo! Rah! Yay! (insert tossed confetti here)

But life got the best of me, and we hit about 135 people before I got a grip on the situation. Trying to be fair I waited until we got to 200 people, and made ready to pick TWO names for $25 gift certificates! Rah! Yay! (more confetti)

So...I assigned each name a number, then used the help of random.org to pick two random numbers. Random person number on was: Jamie L Castro! Rah! Yay! (pelting Jamie with confetti) Many congratulations! Yay!

Random person number two was: my husband. *koff* Seriously? Who let him join my page? Well...forget that! (wadding number and tossing it on the floor with confetti)

Random person number three was: my eldest son. Oh Come On!! What's the freaking chance of that happening? I pick three people out of 200 and two of them I'm related to? Random.org, what is wrong with you? *huff* (ripping number in tiny bits and tossing on floor. blends right in with the confetti)

Random person number four was: wait for it...I have many more relatives.... Stephanie M. Lay! I don't know her from Adam! Rah! Yay! Of course, I hope to get to know her much better, cuz she is the second winner of a $25 gift certificate! Woot Woot! (redundant amounts of confetti)

Thank you all my likers, and I hope to do this again soon...but maybe not until I hit 1000! Gotta water down that relative factor.....

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dear William the Pig,

If you would stand out in the grass to get your bath instead of standing on the ramp trying to ram your way back into the house, the ramp will not be all slippery with soap. I will then have no reason to laugh very hard at you while you try to run into the house, but can't...cuz you keep slipping down the soapy ramp.

Also, my laughter is what brought your daddy to the back door so he could valiantly shove your rear end up the ramp until you made it into the house....so I was really helping by laughing.

Besides...I gave you two freaking treats after you got inside...so STOP GRUMPING AT ME!

Thank you.