Friday, July 30, 2010

So I Suck at Blogging

I suck at title writing, too, because even tho I do suck at blogging, that is not what this particular blog is about. Tho I will toss in that I've embraced sucking at blogging, and have decided I will only blog when something really major or really fun happens.

Well, now that you're fully informed on how comfortable with I am with my inadequacies, here's what this post is REALLY about!

I started a Facebook Fanpage! Yay! If you don't already like me (just like, no real commitment involved. honest) I'd love it if you joined me at Laurel's Zoo on Facebook, and if you already like me...THANK YOU!

But that's only what it's about in a tangential way, what this is REALLY about is I had a contest! I said I'd draw a name at random from the 'likers' when they reached 100, and that lucky person would get a $25 gift certificate for items from Laurel's Zoo! Rah! Yay! (insert tossed confetti here)

But life got the best of me, and we hit about 135 people before I got a grip on the situation. Trying to be fair I waited until we got to 200 people, and made ready to pick TWO names for $25 gift certificates! Rah! Yay! (more confetti)

So...I assigned each name a number, then used the help of to pick two random numbers. Random person number on was: Jamie L Castro! Rah! Yay! (pelting Jamie with confetti) Many congratulations! Yay!

Random person number two was: my husband. *koff* Seriously? Who let him join my page? Well...forget that! (wadding number and tossing it on the floor with confetti)

Random person number three was: my eldest son. Oh Come On!! What's the freaking chance of that happening? I pick three people out of 200 and two of them I'm related to?, what is wrong with you? *huff* (ripping number in tiny bits and tossing on floor. blends right in with the confetti)

Random person number four was: wait for it...I have many more relatives.... Stephanie M. Lay! I don't know her from Adam! Rah! Yay! Of course, I hope to get to know her much better, cuz she is the second winner of a $25 gift certificate! Woot Woot! (redundant amounts of confetti)

Thank you all my likers, and I hope to do this again soon...but maybe not until I hit 1000! Gotta water down that relative factor.....

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