Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Late Shift

My life has been severely disrupted this week because I've been working overnights in the electronics department of...oh, let's just say a store whose name rhymes with GallMart. This work is done overnight to minimize disruption of customer service. Perhaps it's lack of sleep, but it brought up some issues with me....

If you go into a store at 3am because you suddenly decide you MUST have a CERTAIN game and you MUST have it now, but then discover the department is all torn apart and they can't find the game, please keep a couple of things in mind. 1...stores do need to stock sometime. Even a 24hour store. 2...calling ahead is a wonderful way of finding out if a store has the item you want. wasn't even a new release, bro! Come on!

I do sympathize a bit. You go in wanting something, and find out the department is ripped apart with a bunch of sleep deprived employees staggering about...none of whom seem to know (or care) what they're doing. And it's not like they are doing much! We didn't make a grand, new department. Stuff was just moved from here to there, as it is about every 6 months. Move it to a new spot and people think it's new stuff.

If you're asking a person to work overnight, tho, it should have a real purpose. I mean, having a person walk into a store and go past the dvd players....but today it's not dvd players!'s TELEPHONES! LET'S BUY ONE!! That is not a good reason to make a person work overnight. Emergency and Medical workers...God bless you for working overnights. If I do something stupid and almost kill myself at 3am, thank goodness you are there to try and keep me from dying. Avoidance of death is a good reason to ask a person to work overnights.

Donut Makers...I think a person who eats a donut that early in the morning is too tired to realize it's fresh. I bet you could get away with making them the night before. Really. Trash collectors...I can understand you not wanting to work in the heat of a sizzling summer day, but - weather permitting - I'd really appreciate it if you came later. You are noisy by nature, and I like to sleep in. Food service workers...I'm torn! While I think it's totally unfair to ask someone to get up that early to make food for people who don't want to get up and make it themselves, on mornings I have to get up early I sure do love buying breakfast and not having to make it myself. You should, at the very least, be paid well.

There were some people who said they preferred working nights, but I wrote that off to sleep deprivation. It did have its good points. Traffic was light. Um...that's all I can think of...except for the fact that sleep deprived people get very silly around 4am, and watching a grown man sit on the floor giggling while tossing peg hooks around makes you giggle yourself. And oh...the time a poor guy was left hanging at the top of a ladder because someone decided to move the bin he was working on...we laughed and laughed and laughed. Then we helped him down. Or he fell. Whatever. He's fine.

So what's the point of this blog, you ask? What? Blogs are suppose to have a point? Nobody told me this! I apologize. I will try harder next time. :)

/rantmode enter selfserve mode

I recently got a pair of earrings that I must really love, because when I dropped one between the sink and the wall in the bathroom I had my husband cut the wall out to get the earring back. I've received more compliments on these than just about any pair I've ever worn! Please check them out, as I would much rather promote someone else today. :)

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