Saturday, November 21, 2009

Puppet GiveAway!

I love twitter contests...So I've decided to have one! I'll try to keep it simple and fun. :)I'm going to give away not one....not two...but THREE Little Kid Hand Puppets! Not only do you get THREE of them, but YOU GET TO PICK which ones you want! How can you go wrong? Yay!

Go to LaurelsZoo and check out the adorable little puppets made to fit a child's hand. Pick out your favorite, then twitter the following:

I wanna win 3 puppets from @LaurelsZoo! This one is my favorite! *insert link to your favorite puppet here* Get more info at

497th tweet gets them, no more than one tweet an hour please. :) You can play with the wording, just make sure your tweet includes @LaurelsZoo, a link to your favorite puppet, and a link back to this blog.

And hey...if you see some puppets you really, REALLY like, and don't want to wait until the contest is over to get them (Xmas is getting CLOSE!) get them, but keep tweeting! If you win the contest I'll give you a refund for three previously purchased kiddie puppets, shipping included!

Thanks for reading this, thanks for playing, and let's All Have Fun! :D


  1. Can you give us a hint if we're getting close yet? ::giddy::

  2. Sorry...not close yet, but I'm determined to get these out before Xmas! Any promotional hints you may have I'd love to hear! :D

  3. These are adorable! I wish I had checked them out last week. Well I have bdays coming up in January so I know now a great puppet source! Very cute!

  4. Very cute! I will keep tweeting away.

  5. Sorry, I guess I never was following your blog...been tweeting away but didn't get on here with you yet. I love your puppets & still hoping to win the set of 3 :-D Thanks!