Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pictures of the orphaned baby hedgehogs! I am pleased to say they are doing well and gaining weight. They aren't as fat and happy as they would be with mommy, but we're doing the best we can as mere non-prickly hoomans.

Well...hubby is kinda prickly....

I would like you to know that my husband allowed me to take these pictures at great sacrifice. It was MY turn to do the feedings, but I couldn't take pictures AND feed, so he took my shift, allowing me to get these shots. What a trooper!

Then again I take all the night shifts and top them off before I leave for work in the he can bite me. :)

And please pardon the coloring in some of the shots. My husband's tshirt was yellow, the blankies we wrapped them in were yellow, the kitchen was cream and confused the poor camera. I think you can get the idea tho.

Without further ado...first baby getting fed...

Pardon hubby's mouth. *sigh*

This one is the messiest eater. :)

Baby number two's turn!

Eating from a dropper is hard, messy work!

Last but not least....Baby Three!

You have to fall in love with that just have to!

Here's a pic of all three of them in hubby's hands, just to give you an idea of how tiny they are.

And here's a movie of them all jostling around, looking for the best spot to snooze. :)

But here's the most exciting part...later we caught them EATING SOLID FOOD! Yay!

We will keep giving them the formula until they are 6 weeks old, but any extra mouthful they get helps them that much more. Yay!

And there they are! :) Keep your fingers crossed for us!